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Beaver Grenadier
I am a rabid wolf lion eagle dog demon hybrid... turned into a duck.
When bombs started to drop there was even more pressure from people wanting to enter the vaults. The minute you walk out of Vault 101 there were several skeletons of desperate applicants; by their sides laid many handwritten signs demanding to be let inside. As if it wasn't said enough Vault 101 was very stubborn with its immigration policy.

But exactly how picky was Vault 101? Other vaults were more lenient with their immigration/emigration policy; as many vaults began to fail it was inevitable that some people would have to leg it and try living out in the wastes. They couldn't take in everyone, but Vault 101 was a special case. So many people were rejected from Vault 101 that the rejects formed their own city several hundred yards from the Vault entrance. Before Megaton's founding the place was completely LITTERED with leftover scrap from the war. After a plethera of crashed warplanes, some novice welding experience, many hours of hard work, and the motivation of not getting eaten by molerats the people made a quaint little shanty town. By little I actually mean huge; Megaton's the second largest human city in Fallout 3.

And there it was standing before me. BEHOLD! The City of Megaton! The one fabled in legends; the shining city of the horizon that... that uh... did that robot just tell me 'the bomb is perfectly safe'?

Upon entering the city I am faced with a black man in a trenchcoat, a cowboy hat, and a rifle slung across his back. OH MY GOD IT'S DJANGO. There's totally got to be a quest line where I got to go find his wife, and-

His name is Lucas Simms, he is not voiced by Jamie Foxx, and for some reason I asked him to give me 500 caps if I defuse the bomb sitting in Megaton. This is a terrible idea. One; I live in a vault. There's no way I can have the know-how to operate an explosive; let alone a nuclear weapon. Two; I don't even know what bottle caps are used for, let alone what 500 caps can buy. I could have just risked my life for a bowl of noodles and someone to disinfect my Vault Jumpsuit. Three; how did Lucas even know I was a vault dweller if I'm not wearing any clothes? Maybe I was covered in less dirt than everyone else, or that I managed to stay alive for this long without any clothes on?

I am now in the center standing in irradiated water with the painful realization that I have no idea what I'm doing with this nuclear bomb. I should probably get out of this water before I die from radiation poisoning. There's a man standing in the water beside me preaching about glowing Atoms for hours with the water having no apparent effect on his health. How bad can it be? Either way I'm wasting my time here; I may as well explore the city.

I found a bar and immediately walked out upon realizing there was a man in serious need of skin grafts working at the till, a nice lady insisting that looking at her is free, and a guy wearing a fedora. This is too weird; even for me.

Moira's Craterside Supply; it's beside a crater, it has supplies, and the person running is named Moira. So far so good. I am greeted with a woman who likes to talk to me like I'm 6 years old out of habit, and wants my Vault 101 jumpsuit for full price despite being infected with radroach cooties. That's how you snag 'em. You don't mention the radroach cooties and by the time they're covered in rashes you'll be long gone with your caps. I buy new clothes after selling all the useless junk I knicked from vault 101. My choice of attire will strike fear in the any of try to rob me in the wasteland! They'll see my lovely park stroller dress and tremble in fear!

Moira hands me a free Armored Vault 101 Jumpsuit from another vault 101 escapee that has never been heard from over a decade ago. I want nothing to do with Vault 101 anymore; let's start by wearing a Vault 101 jumpsuit.

With this courteous gesture I have agreed to pay Moira back with a few chores. As a hobby Moira enjoys scientific pursuits. Her personal terminal has many of her experiments recorded with stuff like:
-Can molerats be domesticated? If declawed, caged, and lobotomized, yes
-How does one prevent raider attacks? Raiders refuse to sit for interview.
-What do super mutants eat? Research assistants.
-Can explosives be used to expand Megaton? All trails suspended by Lucas Simms indefinitely
-Did China exist? Results inconclusive; China is likely a myth.

Today we shall discover the effects of radiation poisoning. The downside is that I'm the guinea pig, and that I am now in the woman's public bathroom drinking toilet water filled with radiation. FOR SCIENCE.

After being 2/3rds of the way toward's death's doorstep, I mosey back to Moira's shop wondering why I didn't grab that lunatic standing in the irradiated water instead of getting radiated myself. Oh boy; this is going to be a long day.


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